JJ Class Happenings
A note from Ms. Brenda
If You’re Happy and You Know It….

We have been having so much fun this fall singing, playing instruments, and using gross motor skills in so many of our songs, games and activities.  I hope you are hearing your children sing at home.  Their voices and movements to songs are precious!  They are learning to keep rhythm, copy a beat, and hold a note with their little flutes, kazoos, or recorders.  They have also enjoyed everything from making a spider-web with crepe paper, spelling and cheering with pom-poms, tossing/catching balloons, to practicing how to stop, drop and roll after our firetruck visit.  You may have heard our Thankful Song, Autumn Leaves Song, Pumpkin Song, Farmer in the Dell Song, or Turkey Pokey.  The children also love singing songs like He Knows My Name, The Maker, High and Low, Rain and Pour, and familiar ones from last year like Jump, Jump, Jump and Dig Down Deep.  I will post songs and will keep copies near the door if you ever want to take a snapshot of the song you are hearing your child sing at home.  We are looking forward to singing more songs of praise and worship as we celebrate the birth of Jesus this December.

Brenda Hogan
Music/Movement Teacher