JJ Class Happenings
A note from Ms. Tammy & Ms. Becky

Learn, Play & Laugh
(fun in our toddler classes)
The Bouncing Bunnies and Teddy Bears love to learn, play and laugh.  That’s why we incorporate all these things together to make learning a fun experience!  One way is through sensory play.  We explore color by combining different colors to make a new color.  Since our color last month was pink, plastic bags were filled with white and red paint for the children to mix together.  Another way we make learning fun is through gross motor play. This past month we did several activities that helped them strengthen this skill. We threw snowballs at big towers (i.e. stacked cups) and wrangled pigs (i.e. pink balloons) with fly swatters into the stable.  We also worked on our fine motor skills through small puzzles, painting with different objects using clothespins, and coloring with crayons.  The children dabbled in science when we talked about taking care of our teeth and pretended to be doctors with our friends (i.e. giving each other shots and fixing booboos).  The Bouncing Bunnies and Teddy Bears are making great strides and building friendships through learning and play!

We love spending Tuesdays and Thursdays with our precious toddlers!

Ms. Tammy
Ms. Becky