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A note from Ms. Jessica

My educational background includes being trained as an educator for children with hearing loss and 9 years teaching in that field. I worked on a lot of language development and articulation skills during that time. After having children of my own I transitioned to teaching preschool here at Jubilee Junction. My kids all learned to talk at various ages and at differing rates. What I knew professionally was sometimes hard to apply or think about with my own children. I still asked myself a million questions: “Is this still in the range of normal? How do I help my kid grow in language? Are all these ear infections affecting his language? What sounds should my child be able to say at this age?”

I would guess as parents you often find yourself asking similar questions. I wanted to share a few good resources with you and encourage you to talk to your child’s teacher and your pediatrician if you have concerns.

Here are a few links to some great places to go for some more information-

For a list of developmental milestones by age:

For a chart of normal ranges of speech sound development:

And for ways you can play games and help your child develop better speech and language:

Jessica Hendricks